A Quick Overview of Fast Chargers 2019

There is such nothing which gives you relaxation more than what your quick charger can, the quick charge is the most important thing in the mobile industry. Now days  Fast Chargers 2018 can full fill your phone tummy in shorter time possible in your power nap or some small work. pretty much majority phones, even on budget phones also support some form of fast charging. Fast charging technologies, like Qualcomm’s own Quick Charge standard, The speed of the quick charger is getting better day  by day even better-charging speed and less effect on your battery from Qualcomm family, we can see the Qualcomm quick charge 1.0 to Qualcomm quick charge 4.0

Fast Chargers 2018 a quick overview

The  Qualcomm quick charge 1.0 was maximum input volt 6.3Volt and 1.5 Amp charger  next Qualcomm launched their quick charge 2.0 and 3.0  and the most powerful 4.0 the  Qc 2.0 is a 5Volt and 2Amp charger ,quick charge 3 is a 5Volt 3Amp and quick charge 4.0 is 9Volt and 2Amp /12Volt and 1.6Amp /and 6Volt and 3 Amp except for Qualcomm, all the big company has their own charging power.

The most popular among them is a Oneplus dash charge it charges phones rapidly is 4Amp charger coupled with 5Volt this 20watt charger charge Oneplus blessing fast. Before a few days back oppo launched their Vooc flash charge its a kind of Oneplus charger same rating of 5Volt and 4Amp but there is a one big difference is Oneplus charger charge phone only with their c type port but oppo’s Vooc charge can work with their personalized cable which is micro USB cable, but oppo provide their Super-Vooc charger with oppo find x Lamborghini which is 10Volt 5Amp it is 61 percent faster than regular charger.


when talking about the oppo then let’s talk about Vivo, Vivo called it dual engine charger it is 5Volt and 2 Amp /9Volt and 2Amp it is similar to Qualcomm QC 4.0 moto has their Turbocharge 10volt 2.5Amp and their another charger called rapid charger but it just 5volt 2Amp.

Huawei is planning to launch their new fast charger its output varies from 5Volt-2Amp, 9Volt-2Amp to a maximum of 10Volt-4Amp. With that much power, the new charger should be able to get the Magic 2 up to 100 percent within an hours’ time. Basically, all the charger is kind of same but there are very minor differences.

Where a quick charger can charge your phone fast as well as it damages your battery, but as long as the mobile companies are active, they have more protection against mobile phones from their big powerful charger.

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