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Google Camera 7.2 Apk Download From Pixel 4

Recently in XDA we found that there are lots of features is coming in Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL device. Specially they focusing on the camera module. Now in this device coming all-new features are

  • The Google Pixel 4 supports Audio Zoom
  • The Google Pixel 4 supports saving depth data using the new Dynamic Depth Format (DDF)
  • The Pixel 4 has a telephoto lens (a finding that has been corroborated numerous times.)
  • The devices support longer exposure times in Night Sight.
  • The devices support the HDRNet algorithm.
  • Google Lens suggestions can detect and recommend document scanning (there is indeed a string for a new “scan document” suggestion chip.)

download google camera 7.0 apk

Download Google Camera 7.2 Apk

Google camera is the best camera application for any Android device if the device is compatible. The developers work hard to port a Google camera for each device. The Google Camera app in developed by Google itself. But the third-party developers developing for non-Pixel devices as well based on Android OS version. While GCam offers simple UI with some of the features which provide an improved image quality even in low light conditions. It also offers Night Sight, Portrait mode with HDR+ support, and more.

Download Google Camera 7.2 Apk – Pixel 4 Camera

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Testing Zero Shutter Lag Night Sight and Astrophotography

9to5Google‘s source also claims that Google’s famous Night Sight feature, which uses computational photography algorithms to produce detailed images in low lighting conditions, will not only get faster but also will be capable of taking photos of the starry sky. A leaked promotional video corroborated the Pixel 4’s astrophotography capability, but the new Night Sight code we found in Google Camera 6.3 fell short of meeting our expectations. With Google Camera 7.2, however, we’re more confident that Night Sight will be improved on the Google Pixel 4. We spotted multiple flags in a dogfood configuration class that show how Google has been testing major improvements to Night Sight.

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Whereas in the previous APK we only spotted a vague reference to Zero Shutter Lag for Night Sight (zsl_ns), the latest APK makes things quite clear. ZSL_NIGHT_SIGHT confirms that Google is testing a much faster Night Sight, likely for the Pixel 4. On the other hand, for astrophotography, Google will be using the GPU (the Adreno 640 in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855) to accelerate segmentation of the sky and then optimize the image by “finding” the stars and brightening them. Tripod detection has also seen improvements, as it now changes the shutter button to a stop button and adds the frame count to the middle as it counts down.

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Live HDR, HDRNet, and Mesh Warping

During our teardown of Google Camera 6.3, we discovered references to a “Live HDR” mode that seemed like it was related to the “HDRNet” algorithm developed by MIT and Google researchers. This algorithm could be used to apply HDR in real-time to the camera viewfinder, and it may also be used to automatically retouch photos milliseconds after taking them. Mesh warping likely refers to a new technique developed by Google researchers to correct the distortion from wide-angle front-facing cameras. The presence of mesh warping in the Google Camera app lines up with the rumor that the Pixel 4 has a wide-angle front-facing camera.

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We again spotted references to Live HDR, HDRNet, and mesh warping in Google Camera 7.2, though this time the references were less obfuscated. These features are limited to 2019 Pixel smartphones (excluding the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, since Google refers to the Pixel 3a line as “PIXEL_2019_MIDRANGE” in the code) as they require new camera libraries.

Audio Zoom on the Google Pixel 4

Some smartphones use their microphones to focus in on a major source of audio when the camera zooms in. LG and HTC have been doing this for several years now, and Samsung recently brought it back on the Galaxy Note 10 after getting rid of it a few generations back. The new Apple iPhone 11 also has its own Audio Zoom feature, so we’re not surprised that the Google Pixel 4 is also likely shipping with the feature. After all, Google did acquire much of HTC’s IP and talent. The config for the 2019 Pixel lists “AUDIO_ZOOM_SUPPORTED” as true, so it’ll likely launch on the Pixel 4.

Dynamic Depth Format Support

Android 10 adds support for a new file schema called Dynamic Depth Format (DDF). According to Google, DDF files contain the depth data for photos, allowing apps to use the data to change the blur in post-processing without touching the original image.

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The Pixel 4 camera configuration lists “EMBED_DYNAMIC_DEPTH_REAR” and “EMBED_DYNAMIC_DEPTH_FRONT” as both true, indicating that the devices will support saving the depth data as a DDF file. For what it’s worth, we also noticed that the Google Photos app is testing support for handling the Dynamic Depth Format.

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