Google Camera Port With Night Sight

Google camera app with night sight:

Since the introduction of Google camera app with pixel series, it has shown the world why Google is treated as the best. The awesome features like HDR+, Portrait mode, Fused video stabilization made the pixel best camera phone in flagship range, and now after the unveil of pixel 3 and 3xl, they are back with another cool feature in the Google Camera app, Google camera night sight

Night sight brings a new and surely

an improved way to capture photos in low light. When other companies are busy to engage more cameras in the back and in the front Google has shown once again that, if you know the codes properly one camera is sufficient. With their magical codes, Google has showed even there is no need of flash to capture in low light conditions.

Although Google didn’t officially launched the feature in the app, they said that the feature will go live through software update among the pixel devices in the next month. Sources said Google is still working on the algorithm of night sight to offer the best to the customers.

Although there are some developers who have showed their knowledge and capabilities and made the night sight available in google camera app for everyone before the official release.

The samples of the feature are incredibly awesome, whenever you want to capture through it, you need to tap and hold the phone till it capture each frame and within few moments you will have your great low light images. There are some situations where even the eyes can’t see properly but that is not a matter of concern for the app it can capture everything and produce great results.

To some of the whole topic we can clearly say that when some are making more and more costly phones and others are busy to put more cameras and ram in their phones Google is showing how to do business. The way Google is going ahead and improvising we can barely see anyone competing with them in the flagship range in future. But regarding every aspect and every price range, in my opinion, I would like to see them competing in mid-range too.



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Verdict: This camera app just ported for few devices it, there is maybe some issue that why this camera app is not available for all  The devices, it will launch so stay tuned with us for better information check the xda thread. APK is signed with cstark27’s key rather than Google’s and it has a different package name too, meaning it won’t install on top of the original Google Camera app on your device. It installs as a separate app which you’ll have to access from your launcher.

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