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How data miners collect your data from Facebook?

How data miners collect your data from Facebook?

Most of the times we use Facebook for making us Good and also for Ladki Patana (ek alag hi swag hai isme), sometimes you used some apps that generate your “how you look after 5 years” or “how you look similar as actor or actress” these kinds of app need permission to continue to generate your memes, and we give all the permission by pressing Continue Button then Big Bang is happening. We forgot everything after doing this. What they collected from us?
1. Email
2. password (because of you already gave permission by pressing Continue Button)
3. what you like and share your timeline
4. and you also forgot to remove the app permission they will track your data day to day usage
Don’t use this kind of apps

Why are they mining our data?

let me tell you in a simple way when you are finding something in Amazon of Flipkart just for checking price or shopping for, sometimes suddenly turn of the exact app and browsing Facebook or other websites you can see that exact advertisement that you suddenly search for. This is a data tracking what you like or looking next, they are always trying to improve their customer service, that is the reason they tracking but it is okay until someone leak. in case someone leaks our huge data and sell them to another person for huge bucks of money it’s not good for us because we give all the permission to our daily driver social networks site they will keep our data private.

Mark Zuckerberg is not responsible although he takes all the responsible because he is the CEO of Facebook

How to protect your account from hacking

First, Connect your phone number to your facebook account and make it private (only me)
Second, if you’re not connecting your email ID connect it and make it private
Third, don’t use the same password for your Gmail (email) and Facebook ID
Fourth, try to make alpha-numeric password. or you can add some symbol also, it totally depends on you how is your memory power 😛

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