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How to Enable Android Q Bubble Using ADB Command

Recently launched Android Q beta 2 promised the whole new multitasking features and lots more innovative features that we will see in upcoming days. In this tutorial, I will show you how to enable Android Q bubble features using ADB commands.

This feature is very important for messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Google Hangout, and Google Message. However, this feature may be will not work all apps.

Enable Android Q Bubbles Using ADB

Download ADB command shell and open the folder and press Shift+Right click from the mouse and click on PowerShell or Command Prompt.

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adb shell settings put secure experiment_enable_bubbles 1

adb shell settings put secure experiment_autobubble_messaging 1

You can also enable Bubbles for all notifications with a similar command, listed below. You can drag those bubbles all around the screen.

adb shell settings put secure experiment_autobubble_all 1

This ADB command below lets you choose between having the bubble above the notification instead of below it.

adb shell settings put secure experiment_enable_top_bubbles 1

If you want back to revert changes then follow this command lines. Its help you to get back in position.

adb shell settings delete secure experiment_enable_bubbles

adb shell settings delete secure experiment_autobubble messaging

adb shell settings delete secure experiment_autobubble_all

adb shell settings delete secure experiment_enable_top_bubbles 

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