Huawei can replace Android with Russian OS?

US sanctions against Huawei are forcing the Chinese corporation to look for a replacement for the Android operating system for their gadgets. The company will have to accelerate the development of its own software solution or seek help from partners. According to unofficial data, the Chinese view the Russian OS as one of the options.


The Bell’s publication, citing its own sources, claims that Huawei’s chief executive Guo Ping and Konstantin Noskov, minister of digital development and communications, discussed in front of the St. Petersburg forum the possibility of installing the Chinese OS Sailfish on smartphones, which has recently been named Aurora.

According to the source, the domestic firmware, based on the basis of the Finnish OS, can become an alternative to Google Android, the services to which Huawei can lose in case of a break in relations with the US Google. According to one of the publication’s interlocutors, the Chinese side has already started testing devices with a pre-installed operating system of Russian origin. Another source of negotiation, the source called the localization of the production of Huawei devices in Russia.

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