iOS 14 will appear AR-application for scanning branded QR codes

Prosenjit Dey
Written by Prosenjit Dey

In iOS 14, an augmented reality application codenamed Gobi will appear, which will allow you to scan custom QR codes. This was reported by the source of the former TechCrunch editor Josh Constine.

Gobi will be able to read both traditional QR codes and Apple’s unique design. For example, screenshots are presented: these codes open the Apple Store website for the purchase of Mac Pro and Apple Watch, the movie “Rogue One. Star Wars Tales ”on iTunes, as well as a Starbucks loyalty card. 

As the code sections of the app show, Gobi will be able to capture location data, for example, to allow customers to claim discounts at certain Starbucks locations.

Constine also said that in the Find My application (“Locator”) there will be new sound and vibration signals to search for devices around. It is assumed that when approaching the device, some signals will be reproduced, while away – others. 

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