iPhone New Chips Start Making in Mid-2020

Popular chip manufacturer TSMC has announced that it will begin 5nm based processors for Apple in the second quarter of 2020. TSMC will remain the only chip supplier for this year’s iPhone smartphone. The company has already begun trial production using 5-nm process technology with EUV lithography.

5nm Processors Details

The 5 nm node was once assumed by some experts to be the end of Moore’s law. Transistors smaller than 7 nm will experience quantum tunneling through the gate oxide layer. Due to the costs involved in the development, 5 nm is predicted to take longer to reach the market than the two years estimated by Moore’s law.

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iPhone New Chips Start Making in Mid-2020

In addition to Apple, HiSilicon (manufactures Kirin chipsets) is one of the first TSMC customers for processors with new process technology, reports Commercial Times.

Current flagship solutions use the 7nm process technology. The transition to 5 nm technology allows us to increase processor performance with the same dimensions, as well as improve energy efficiency.

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