LG Launched A Portable Bluetooth Speaker XBOOM

LG has introduced a line of portable Bluetooth speakers XBOOM Go to the Russian market, which includes three models at once: PL7, PL5 and PL2. Compared to their predecessors, the new items have improved the sound quality, and at the same time acquired more capacious batteries and multi-colored rhythmic LED backlighting.

The new speakers support British Meridian technology for deep bass and clear vocal reproduction. A feature of the older versions PL7 (30 W) and PL5 (20 W) is the ability to connect up to 100 speakers at the same time to a single network due to the function of wireless combination of Multi-mode devices. And with the Dual mode option, you can create a stereo pair from two 5W PL2.

LG XBOOM Go received IPX5 splash protection and capacious batteries – according to the manufacturer, PL7 speaker autonomy is up to 24 hours. The entire range is made in a lightweight rounded case with a rubberized finish.

New items support a mobile application that allows you to manage the playlist from your smartphone and share it through any of the connected speakers. The option to automatically switch to the speakerphone mode is also supported, even when playing music.

The older PL7 and PL5 models are equipped with Dual Action Bass passive emitters, which work in time with multi-colored LED-backlighting. The “My Style” menu in the mobile application settings allows you to choose one of four modes: “Party” (colored lights), “Water” (blue lights), “Forest” (yellow lights) and “My style” (available only for Android ). Both devices also received LG TV Bluetooth Surround, allowing them to be connected to a TV.

LG XBOOM Go PL7, PL5 and PL2 are already available on the Russian market at a recommended price of 9990, 6990 and 3990 rubles, respectively.

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