Magisk App Redesigned For Android 11 Support

The popular Magisk root access utility has received a major update. The most significant features of the update are a redesigned user interface, improved performance and support for the latest Android 11 operating system.

The Magisk 21.0 build has acquired a safe mode detection function that allows you to automatically disable all services when the gadget is loaded. In addition, the developer rewrote the module mounting logic from scratch, and the “fit all rules” option was optimized to reduce size, save memory, and improve overall performance.

The UI change in Magisk Manager 8.0.0 now allows you to see detailed device information on the home screen to help users set up root access. Support has also been added for a new communication protocol that works with Magisk 21.0. It should be noted that the application, judging by some reviews, does not function on a number of devices with MediaTek processors.

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