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No Play Games Xposed Module Download

Yes, it works on Pie too! ™

  • Android 4.0 or higher.
  • Xposed
  • A recent version of Google Play Services.
  • Any ROM (the module hooks into Google Play Services).

Note that if you are an XPrivacyLua user, there is a XPrivacyLua hook named GMS.NoPlayGames that implements the same functionality as this module. You can download the hook directly from XPrivacyLua Pro’s hook download pane. If you use the XPrivacyLua hook, do NOT use this module at the same time.

I don’t have Google Play Games installed, and I don’t want to install it. Yet more and more games beg for it.
This module makes the begging stop. You won’t see a prompt for Google Play Games anymore.
Note that this module has no UI.

EdXposed users: Note that Google Play Services (com.google.android.gms) must be whitelisted (or not blacklisted) for this module to work. Doing so will enable Xposed for Google Play Services and will prevent passing SafetyNet.

Tested with:

  • Android 9 Pie (OxygenOS 9.0, LineageOS 15.1)
  • Google Play Services (GMS) 20.15.16.

Download No Play Games APK Xposed Module


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