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Nokia Reviving N95 Series into Android Series

The Nokia brand has already released a number of updated models of its classic phones and is preparing to release new remakes. But as it turned out, not all of them managed to get to mass production – one of these prototypes appeared in the video of the author of the YouTube channel MrMobile. The blogger showed off what the legendary Nokia N95 slider might look like if it hit retail in 2020.

The device that appears in the frame at the time mark 6:13 has received a slider form factor with a horizontal shift of the top panel. The loudspeaker grill and two front camera sensors with LED flash are located in the fragment of the case that opens. This solution allows you to get rid of cutouts and holes in the device screen.

Another interesting feature of the model is the round rear camera module, bordered by a movable ring, which, due to the hinge, can act as a pop-socket for installing the updated version of the slider on the table. The authenticity of the model has already been confirmed by the brand’s product director Juho Sarvikas – he also said that the original remake did not go into the series due to technical difficulties. In addition, a series of concept renders appeared on the top manager’s Twitter blog , showing other slider designs.

Whether the brand is planning to release a modified version of the Nokia N95 in an alternative design is still unknown.

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