Best Personal Loan Apps For Instant Cash 2018

Today I’m talking about some best personal loan apps for instant cash which helps you to get money on emergency time. Peoples already know that the whole system work through physically for applying for a loan from the bank after that, the loan department come to your house to confirm that you address and many more criteria. But some funding department help to you get a loan but they charge a lot. That’s is the main reason people avoid loan service from third-party funds. Here are some instant personal loan apps instant cash that helps you to get the loan instantly without any hassle. Today I’m talking about a few best instant loan apps on our Indian marketplace.

Personal Loan Apps For Instant Cash


IndiaBullsDhani is most advertised on TV, they provide instant loan approval, they have online EMI calculator which help you to get an idea of how much they would be in charge of a specific amount.

  • EMI: EMI stands for “Equated Monthly Installment”. It refers to the amount you have to pay per month if you take a personal loan of a certain amount for a certain period.
  • EMI Calculator: The EMI calculator helps you to calculate your monthly installments on the personal loan that you may avail from a personal loans provider.
  • This calculation depends on the personal loan amount, the personal loan rate of interest and the personal loan term or tenure.

IndiaBullsDhani App available on PlayStore go and check-out.


MoneyTap is also an instant loan app. MoneyTap by RBL Bank group, the company said that you can use 100% of your credit limit as without any hassle-free. They have physical Credit Card also.

How to Apply for MoneyTap Credit Card 2.0

Step 1 – Download & Register
Fill in your basic details like your age, city, PAN number and income to determine if you qualify for MoneyTap’s credit line in real-time.

Step 2 – KYC Documentation
Once you are pre-approved for MoneyTap’s personal line of credit, a KYC visit will be scheduled for collecting documents which are then verified for a final approval.

Step 3 – Use as Cash or Card
After the final approval, the money will reach your bank account in a jiffy! You can either withdraw your entire approved limit in one go or as little as ₹ 3,000.

Step 4 – Choose flexible EMIs
Repay your borrowed amount in easy EMIs with convenient tenures that range from 2 months to 36 months, and track every transaction in one place!


This app-based money lending company is well known for providing the short-term personal loan, you need to upload your all the details they want and they will check your credit after all that they confirm your loan.

You have to need to provide some documents including the PAN Card, salary slips, bank statements, address proof, and other documents like these.

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