SK Hynix Introduces World’s First DDR5 RAM Modules

SK Hynix has introduced a new generation of DDR5 DRAM. In addition to impressive bandwidth and reduced power consumption, the brand’s modules can boast of another record figure – the volume of one bar in the older versions reaches 256 GB.

According to the manufacturer, the data transfer rate when using DDR5 modules has increased by 1.8 times compared to DDR4 and varies in the range from 4800 to 5600 Mbps. To improve energy efficiency, the manufacturer reduced the supply voltage from 1.2 to 1.1 volts. The new product provides support for Error Correcting Code (ECC) errors by default, which increases the stability of applications and minimizes their accidental crashes.

SK Hynix also noted that the use of Through-Silicon-Via (TSV) technology has increased the maximum capacity of a single memory module to 256 GB. New components will initially be available for server solutions, but later will reach the consumer segment. According to analysts at Omdia, by 2024 43% of computers will use the DDR5 DRAM standard.

The retail price of DDR5 DIMMs will be announced by the manufacturer at a later date.

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