Sony Came Up With A Frameless Smartphone With Retractable Stereo Speakers

We have already seen smartphones with retractable cameras and buttons , but manufacturers still have something to surprise the public. For example, Sony came up with how to equip a smartphone with very thin bezels with front stereo speakers. 

Sony was among the first to start equipping its smartphones with stereo speakers, but with the trend of decreasing screen frames, it is becoming increasingly difficult to do. However, the Japanese company still figured out how to get around the limitation. One of the company’s patents describes a device with thin display bezels, which, if necessary, extend the lower and upper ends. They are hidden stereo speakers and a front camera.

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Thus, when performing most operations, the smartphone is in a folded state, but when a call comes in, a video is played, or a game starts, then speakers appear. When you need a front camera, only the upper part leaves.

Interestingly, Sony filed a patent for consideration back in 2018, but only this month it was published in the register of the World Intellectual Property Organization. There is no information on the company’s plans to translate this concept into reality.

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