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Thinking ahead on crypto, creators and the climate

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines.

As is tradition on the show, we used the last episode of the year to make predictions about the next year. To continue an annual tradition, Grace and Chris joined Natasha and Mary Ann and Alex on the mic, a rare treat and one simply for your enjoyment. Expectedly, they had a lot to say.

So what did we manifest for 2022? Here’s a sampling:

  • We’re bullish on climate-focused startups: A notable theme from a number of us was the importance of climate startups, and how many types of startups are going to have a climate-flavor. In short, as the planet changes, it’s going to touch just about everything. And if sustainability is not your entire pitch, it’s going to be at least a strategy soon enough.
  • We had a lot to say about crypto: Sure, we’re all a bit tired of talking crypto, but there’s also no chance that we could get away from the topic when considering next year. The classic tension between reinvention and regulation continues to be a dynamic we all care about, and predict will be full force over the next twelve months.
  • We’re not nearly as bullish on media: The Buzzfeed SPAC had some of us bummed out, but when it came to creators and not just writers, we were a bit more positive. Everything is media, even if everything doesn’t make money.
  • Space is controversial: We won’t spoil it, but the space chat got a bit spicy. The argument wound up showing an interesting issue in the tech space, namely is all the money going to where it will have the greatest impact?

A big hug from the Equity team for your continued listenership this year. Thanks for sticking with us, and we’re back in a heartbeat with another year’s shows – some of which may even be in person!

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