WannaCry: Hospitals Are Still At Risk of Cyber Attack

The National Health Service is vulnerable to the cyber attack. A report by Imperial College London’s Institute of Global Health Innovation warns that the old version of the computer system has a security risk.

This attack can block to access vital patient details and stop life-saving medical equipment or devices from work properly or lead to patient data being stolen.

Hospitals Are Still At Risk of Cyber Attack

Already report has been added that when new technologies such as robotics and AI system involving in medical devices and personalized medicines are introduced to healthcare, security must be built into the design of these technologies.

Dr. Saira Ghafur, a lead author of the report, said: “Since the WannaCry attack in 2017, awareness of cyber-attack risk has significantly increased. However we still need further initiatives and awareness, and improved cybersecurity ‘hygiene’ to counteract the clear and present danger these incidents represent.”

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