BGMI Ban? BGMI Announced Using Third-Party Apps to Cheat Causes Permanently Ban

As perhaps the premier battle royale game in the country, BGMI has a ton of pressure with regards to keeping things competitive and fair between the players. As competitive gaming and esports begin to gain a strong footing in the country, mobile games like BGMI and other battle royale titles must make an effort to keep things fair.

For as long as competitive and online multiplayer games have existed – so has cheating and gaining an unfair advantage in them. Cheating, hacking or using other third-party apps to gain advantage not only ruins the game experience for everyone else in the session – but also affects the game’s reputation overall.

This is why BGMI has made a strong effort to curb the use of any sort of third-party apps to gain an unfair advantage.

There is nothing quite as damaging to a game’s reputation and success as a toxic environment that essentially robs players of a fun experience. Cheating can quite quickly evolve from harmless fun online to making the game practically unplayable for others – thus resulting in the game dying out.

BGMI is easily one of the most popular games in the country – especially given the kind of success its previous iteration PUBG Mobile was able to have. Thus, it is of utmost importance to Krafton that the game continues to be an appealing prospect for new players and cheating is a major deterrent to that goal.

PUBG Mobile was able to cultivate a pretty impressive esports scene that saw some of the best players in the country compete for the top spot. BGMI is also likely to nurture the competitive gaming scene in India and having a strong anti-cheat system in place is key.

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